Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

10 Tips to Living More Sustainably

Image of a young girl holding up her thumb

Sometimes getting started is the hardest. You don’t have to do everything at once, but even one small swap or change can make an impact.

So here’s our 10 easy tips…

#1 Stock up on reusable bags

From shopping bags to produce bags. Buy some foldaway ones. Keep them in your handbag, in your changing bag and in your car so you are never caught out! We like the ones above from Amazon as you get a set of bags at a great price.

#2 Wash your clothes less

Did you know each time you wash clothes they can release tiny microplastics and chemicals into the water supply? Don’t wash your clothes after one wear if they are still clean and wait until you have a full load.

#3 Buy your clothing from sustainable brands or even second hand

Facebook marketplace and eBay have some great deals on nearly new clothes.

#4 Reduce your plastic waste

Ditch the sandwich bags and use lunch boxes, replace clingfilm with beeswax paper. There are many simple swaps that can help.

Check out this brightly coloured natural beeswax wrap here.

#5 Keep hydrated with reusable water bottles

We love the beautiful selection of designs by Chilly’s. Made from high quality stainless steel and using advance double walled vacuum technology, they keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours!

#6 Buy loose

Buy food that isn’t wrapped in plastic in your supermarket or better still shop at a farmer’s market, grocers or find a zero-waste store.

#7 Grow your own

There are many ways to grow fruit, veg or herbs from the smallest space on a balcony or window ledge, to a large garden or allotment.
You can even make use of your food leftovers and start composting to save money.

#8 Love a coffee on the go?

If you are a regular takeaway coffee drinker, invest in a reusable coffee cup. We love this bamboo one from John Lewis which has a gorgeous design.

#9 Recycle and use Recycled

Buy recycled products and try to recycle as much as possible. Check what can be collected at your local supermarket as well. Often clothes, shoes, batteries, water filters and all sorts of plastic bags can be dropped off there.

#10 Cut down on the number of toiletries

Do you really need to buy 4 bottles of hair products? Better still start making the transition to sustainable toiletries such as soap bars.

There you have it, just a few idea’s to get you thinking. Remember once a small change becomes routine it can make a big difference.