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Some of the links we publish will take you directly to the product(‘s) or service(‘s) we are sharing. If you click one of our affiliate links and decide to buy a product or service from the seller, we may receive a very small commission.

We currently earn on qualifying purchases from the following programs:
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By using our affiliate links your consumer rights remain the same, and prices advertised by sellers on their websites are the same as not using our affiliate links at that time.

To support our content we sometimes use information from other sources such as websites, printed material or word of mouth.

Sometimes we are gifted products and/or services to feature or review in any of our online channels. We will declare if any product and/or service has been gifted to us.

Any review or feature we create is totally unbiased, honest and based on our experience and our own opinion at that time.

Purchasing, offers/discounts and shipping

As we don’t sell any products or services, any purchases you make and receive are managed by the seller of the goods or service.

If you choose to purchase via a seller after viewing our published content, your experience will be the same as if you found the product or service by yourself and without using any of our links.

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We may sometimes publish a discount code to use towards a purchase or share details of an item on offer. The code or offer we publish will either be as advertised on the seller website at the time we publish or have been provided to us to use as a unique code for use with our audience only.

As we have no control over how much a seller decides to sell a product or service, or how long they run a discount or offer, we cannot be held responsible for errors or promotions that have ended.

It is not our intention to mislead anyone and we do our best to research, maintain and check our content is as accurate as possible, but we are only human and we sometimes make mistakes.

If a discount code fails, an offer has ended or a product/service is no longer available, please always check with the seller before purchasing to avoid disappointment.

If you would you like to inform us of your experience with a seller we have featured on one of our online channels please feel free to do so. This will help us to manage the content we publish. Please send any feedback (good or bad) by email to [email protected]

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What personal data we collect

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Our contact information

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